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Yoga in Jaipur is nestled amongst serene landscape, you will feel totally at peace in your surroundings whilst doing your yoga practice in Jaipur with us. We offer a truly remarkable escape from the "busy" of India so you will be left feeling calm yet energized in your body and mind after your time with us. Yoga in Jaipur offers a huge range of yoga styles in Jaipur , catering for everyone at every ability and we are able to personalize to your specific needs so that you may experience yoga classes in Jaipur. We run yoga classes in Jaipur which cater for a novice - this it might be your first time trying yoga or to the more experienced yogi wishing to learn new techniques and have a new experience. Our yoga classes will not only teach you yoga techniques but will also focus on the wellbeing of yoga for your mind, teaching you skills so that you may practice good yoga techniques at any time. We offer sunrise and sunset yoga classes, we offer private class for individuals or groups as required too and new to Jaipur and Pushkar - we now offer yoga teacher training courses either 200 or 300 hours in our vibrant city of Jaipur (no more having to travel to Rishikesh for teacher traning course). We are a yoga retreat services provider which we would highly recommend for an incredible yoga experience during your stay in India and are able to offer this to group tours as well. Yoga in Jaipur are more than happy to assist by arranging for your transport to our yoga studio in Jaipur from your hotel if required together with a light breakfast / refreshments as required. While joining us for yoga classes or teacher training why not enjoy some of the amazing extra activities Jaipur has to offer, such as traditional cooking classes in Jaipur, yoga combined with homestay in Jaipur, trekking tours in Jaipur, local market tour in Jaipur and guided tours in Jaipur city, elephant experience in Jaipur, cycle tours in Jaipur, Jaipur jeep Safari, and so much more....we can arrange and host for you as required. Please contact Ankit studio owner for further information and to discuss your tailored requirements


Get Certified In Yoga The certificate course is conducted thrice in a year

Objective: It is ideal for those who have always wanted to have an in depth understanding of Yoga but have been unable to take a long time off. It covers textual, psycho-physiological, and practical aspects of Yoga, as well as, teaching methods in yoga.

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You all will become happy to know that we do home tutions also.

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We are also making a special course for tourist so that

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